Renaissance Sticker Charts
Just writing to let you know how happy I was with everything you did on our family tree. The chart was great (much larger than I expected, but our floor was just about big enough!!) and the report was perfect - I love the red covers and the parchment paper. Everyone commented on how well everything had been put together and we agreed that we couldn't think of any improvements that could have been made. My sister was very touched and in tears for most of the evening! The family will have a lot to talk about over Christmas! I would definitely like a copy of the chart and possibly an extra copy of the report, but I'll be in touch later about these.

I have checked the chart and it is great.

I was very pleased with the final product and will be doing business with you again soon.

I have folded and pasted the chart into the family book and it is excellent.

I appreciate all the help and advice you have given so you can supply the best possible chart. The service your company give is excellent.

We received the chart Friday morning - it was just what we wanted.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the time and trouble you have taken with my family tree - dare I say, beyond the call of duty! - and it is much appreciated.  We've certainly shared a few emails and you have given me loads of extra help which has been a real boon.

Received my chart today and it is perfect, so pleased with it, thank you for your time and trouble.
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7 Generation A1 size
A stunning series of full colour charts on silk finished paper that allows you to create the perfect family tree chart just the way you want it. You can include siblings, 2nd marriages your children, grandchildren and full colour photographs.

The charts use our white removable stickers in two sizes:

Each order is now shipped with the Sticker Templates and Help On CD.
The CD also contains additional useful utilities

- Full Colour Printable Family Tree Charts
- GRAMPS Family History Program
- Perpetual Colander
- Relationship Shart
The 4 Simple Steps To Complete Your Chart With Stickers
1. Download the free sticker template or open it from the CD

2. Fill in the boxes using your work processor

3. Print the sticker sheet on your printer

4. Transfer the sticker to your chart
72 x 63.5 mm (12 per sheet)
48.9 x 29.6 mm (36 per sheet)
Every chart is supplied with enough stickers to fill every box. You can even add your own title for the 7 generation chart by using one of the stickers.
White Removable Stickers
The stickers have a matt finish and are ideal for using the chart as "work in progress" or when you just want to save money without too much of a compromise on quality.
If information changes simply peel off the sticker and replace it with a new one.
Adding Photographs
If you use the transparent stickers you will need the optional gloss photo stickers at 72 x 63.5 mm (12 per sheet) to print and add high quality photographs and other graphics to the larger boxes on the charts.

You can print photographs and other graphics directly on the white removable stickers.

The sticker templates that we have created for you can be downloaded from the website or opened directly from the supplied CD. Fill them in with your own information then print and stick them on the chart. Every chart comes with full instructions. We also have completed example templates which you can modify with your own text and graphics.
All stickers are for inkjet printers only.

With White Removable Stickers -  £12.00
6 Generation A2 size
With White Removable Stickers -  £9.50
5 Generation A3 size
With White Removable Stickers -  £8.00
With White Removable Stickers -  £8.00
9 Generation Single Line Ancestral A3 size
9 Generation Dual Line Ancestral A3 size
With White Removable Stickers -  £8.00

Buy Photo Sticker Kit

The Number of sticker sheets required to fill every large box on the charts is:
A3 Chart -  £2.50
A2 Chart -  £4.00
A1 Chart -  £5.50

Extra Stickers
White Removable - 72 x 63.5 mm (12 per sheet)
White Removable - 48.9 x 29.6 mm                    (36 per sheet)

Click on the pictures below for examples of completed stickers
Full sheet of 12 stickers
Completed chart
Full Sheet of photo stickers with background colour
Sticker including siblings
Sticker showing children and grandchildren
Sticker showing 2nd marriage and children

HowTo Fill In The Chart
This guide will show you who to put in each of the boxes in the Renaissance Chart.
This guide will show you how to use and print the photo stickers.

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